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The Best Smartwatches, Fitness Trackers, and Running Watches

Updated Dec 10, 2022
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We’ve worn dozens of smartwatches and fitness trackers over the course of workdays, workouts, vacations, and the rest of everyday life to see which ones best track your activity, relay your phone notifications, give you access to apps, and do anything else that lets you keep your phone in your pocket. The Apple Watch Series 7 (which works only with iPhones) offers the best combination of style, message handling, apps, battery life, activity tracking, and value. But we also have picks if you use an Android phone, or if you value fitness or distance-sports tracking over style, notifications, and apps.

Apple Watch Series 7, the best smartwatch

Apple Watch Series 7

The best smartwatch
Whether you’re getting your first Apple Watch or upgrading from a version that’s a few years old, the Apple Watch Series 7 is the model most people should choose. It has a great, large screen, is plenty fast for apps, and it includes some health-related features that less expensive models don’t.
We recommend
Fitbit Charge 5, the best fitness tracker

Fitbit Charge 5

The best fitness tracker
A sleek, feature-packed activity tracker, the Fitbit Charge 5 records a range of activities accurately and automatically, offers built-in GPS, and has an app that makes it simple to use and customize.
We recommend
Samsung Galaxy Watch4, a stylish, capable smartwatch

Samsung Galaxy Watch4

A stylish, capable smartwatch
This watch offers quick performance and is both stylish and comfortable.
We recommend
Coros Pace 2, the best gps running watch

Coros Pace 2

The best GPS running watch
Feature-loaded, comfortable, and reasonably priced, this is everything most runners want in a GPS watch.
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