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The Best Sport Sunglasses

Updated Dec 12, 2022
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If you like to play outside during daylight hours, you should wear sports sunglasses to protect your eyes from foreign objects and ultraviolet radiation. After cycling, trail running, hiking, or snowshoeing daily over the course of two months, constantly swapping out 40 models of sunglasses, we believe that the Ryders Seventh Photochromic represents the best choice for eye protection in a wide range of activities, and at a good price.

Ryders Seventh Photochromic,

Ryders Seventh Photochromic

The version of these sunglasses that comes with photochromic lenses gives you dawn-to-dusk versatility, works well for any sport, and is backed by a solid warranty and crash replacement plan.
We recommend
Julbo Aero with Zebra Light Red Lens, a shield-style spec with rx to fit more face shapes

Julbo Aero with Zebra Light Red Lens

A shield-style spec with Rx to fit more face shapes
High lens quality, fit options for anybody without a prominent bridge, and available prescription inserts make these shield sunglasses worth the money for those who need the features.
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