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The Best Tabletop Radios

Updated Dec 10, 2022
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What makes a great tabletop radio? Sure, sound quality and reception are important, but our research has found that radio owners and shoppers primarily want something stylish that will look great in their home. With that in mind, we’ve chosen recommendations that cover a variety of tabletop radio styles—from retro designs to colorful, portable options to more modern stereo radios—and they’ve all passed our reception and sound tests, too.

Sangean WR-15, great sound and design

Sangean WR-15

Great sound and design
The WR-15 combines an eye-catching retro design with reliable performance, solid build quality, and superb value. Its taller, vertical form distinguishes it visually from many competitors.
We recommend
Sangean WR-11SE, a more traditional (but still retro) look

Sangean WR-11SE

A more traditional (but still retro) look
The WR-11SE offers a look and features similar to those of the WR-15 in a horizontal cabinet, but its reception isn’t quite as good.
We recommend
Studebaker SB2000, a cheap, colorful, portable choice

Studebaker SB2000

A cheap, colorful, portable choice
With fun colors and the option to run it on batteries, this radio is easy to try out anywhere in your home without making a big investment.
We recommend
Victrola Houston, for fm radio only, but it adds bluetooth

Victrola Houston

For FM radio only, but it adds Bluetooth
This eye-catching radio might play only FM radio, but it offers great sound and power for its price, and it includes Bluetooth support.
We recommend
Sangean WR-50P, a stereo radio system with tons of features

Sangean WR-50P

A stereo radio system with tons of features
If you’re looking for genuine stereo sound, digital radio tuning, and Bluetooth connectivity, the WR-50P is probably more your speed. But it costs a lot more than our other picks.
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