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The Best Tampons

Updated Dec 10, 2022
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After ripping apart, as well as menstruating on, hundreds of tampons, we can tell you, first, that many of these cotton wads are identical or nearly so, and second, that small details—such as the shape of an applicator or the composition of the wrapper—make some tampons much more pleasant to use than others. Among applicator tampons, we like Tampax Pearl and Tampax Pure (an organic choice) best. O.B. Pro Comfort and O.B. Organic tampons are our favorite applicator-free options.

Tampax Pearl, best applicator tampon

Tampax Pearl

Best applicator tampon
The Pearl tampon’s foolproof, non-compact plastic applicator, long braided string, and sturdy, reusable wrapper pleased our testers.
We recommend
Tampax Pure, best organic applicator tampon

Tampax Pure

Best organic applicator tampon
This organic version of the Pearl tampons has the same highly rated plastic applicator and wrapper.
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O.B. Pro Comfort, best applicator-free tampon

O.B. Pro Comfort

Best applicator-free tampon
Easy to unwrap and insert, the Pro Comfort tampons shed fewer fibers than most applicator-free (aka “digital”) tampons, testers found.
We recommend
O.B. Organic, best organic, applicator-free tampon

O.B. Organic

Best organic, applicator-free tampon
As easy to unwrap and insert as Pro Comfort tampons, the O.B. Organic version is less expensive than most of its organic applicator-free competitors.
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