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The Best Time-Tracking Apps for Freelancers

Updated Dec 17, 2022
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After interviewing experienced freelancers and consultants, researching 18 contenders, and tracking our work with seven different apps, we found Toggl to be the best system for tracking your time. Toggl has the best tools to make time tracking a habit, the easiest ways to edit time entries, hundreds of integrations with other apps and services, and extensive free and trial plans to see if you’ll stick with it.

Toggl, the flexible, usable time tracker


The flexible, usable time tracker
Toggl ticked every box we were looking for, providing good prompts to track time, useful integrations, easy editing, and extensive free plans and trial time.
We recommend
Harvest, best time-tracking app for invoicing, expenses, and billing


Best time-tracking app for invoicing, expenses, and billing
If you need detailed invoices, need to track expenses, or want clients to pay you online, Harvest adds those features while still being a good time tracker.
A better upgrade
Timeular, a hard-to-ignore physical time tracker


A hard-to-ignore physical time tracker
We thought it’d be a gimmick, but ultimately we liked that an eight-sided dicelike object on your desk could help you track and commit to the things you’re supposed to be doing.
Another good choice

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