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The Best Torpedo Level

Updated Dec 17, 2022
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For hanging pictures, installing shelves, or adjusting the legs on the washer/dryer, we recommend an 8⅝-inch-long torpedo level called the Sola PH 22 Flooring Level (about $19). Even though it’s designed for the specific needs of the flooring installer, we found it to be great for general work.

Sola PH 22 Flooring Level, the best torpedo level

Sola PH 22 Flooring Level

The best torpedo level
Of all the under $20 levels we tested, the PH22 is the easiest to read, even in the dark. It’s durable, inflexible, and the only one with a square edge that helps mark cuts or lay out projects.
We recommend
Sola PT 25, runner-up

Sola PT 25

While it doesn’t have the magnified vials or the marking capabilities of the PH 22, Sola’s PT 25 is a very nice and durable level.
Another good choice
Sola MM 5 25, a high-end torpedo

Sola MM 5 25

A high-end torpedo
It costs a lot more than the rest, but the aluminum body, removable magnet, and shaded vials for increased visibility, make the Sola MM 5 25 the best pick for the aggressive DIYer.
Another good choice

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