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The Best Transcription Services

Updated Dec 11, 2022
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Whether you need to share the content of a meeting or quickly parse an interview recording, using a transcription service is a good way to outsource the otherwise labor-intensive task of turning audio recordings into readable text. After spending 30 hours researching nine transcription services and testing seven on their ability to transcribe recorded phone calls, we found that Temi is the best option for people who need to know the gist of an audio file and want it transcribed quickly and inexpensively. If you’re willing to pay more (and wait longer), though, GoTranscript will deliver a nearly flawless transcript.

Temi, the best transcription service


The best transcription service
Within minutes, Temi returned transcripts that were easier to read than what other AI services produced, even when the audio file wasn’t perfect or when the words were hard to follow.
We recommend
GoTranscript, for nearly perfect transcripts done by real people


For nearly perfect transcripts done by real people
The human transcribers at GoTranscript returned nearly 100% accurate transcriptions in a couple of days and didn’t balk at recordings featuring heavy accents.
Another good choice

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