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The Best Under-Desk Footrests

Updated Dec 17, 2022
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Sitting ergonomically at your desk is challenging. To do it right, you need to raise or lower your chair so that your arms at the keyboard are parallel to the floor, raise or lower your monitor so the top of it is at eye level, and make sure your feet are supported. If everything else is right but your legs are dangling, you need to use a footrest. Beyond ergonomics, a footrest can also encourage healthier, more “active sitting” by engaging your feet to rock back and forth for better leg circulation. The plushy ComfiLife Foot Rest and the sturdy Humanscale FR300 Ergonomic Foot Rocker are both better than a plastic footrest at helping you maintain proper posture and feel more comfortable at your desk.

ComfiLife Foot Rest, the most comfortable and supportive footrest

ComfiLife Foot Rest

The most comfortable and supportive footrest
This footrest has a washable velvet cover that’s easy to remove and feels great if you’re not wearing shoes, and the high-density foam offers firm yet cushy support for your feet. It can be used as a foot rocker, and the 2-inch detachable base lets you adjust the footrest’s height.
We recommend
ErgoFoam Adjustable Foot Rest, a nearly identical footrest, but not as easy to clean

ErgoFoam Adjustable Foot Rest

A nearly identical footrest, but not as easy to clean
The ErgoFoam is just as supportive and comfortable as the ComfiLife, but its cover isn’t as easy to remove, and the memory-foam insert doesn’t have its own encasement.
Another good choice
Humanscale FR300 Foot Rocker, a sturdy, attractive, and height-adjustable wooden footrest

Humanscale FR300 Foot Rocker

A sturdy, attractive, and height-adjustable wooden footrest
With its hardwood platform and steel frame, this solid footrest looks good under a desk and can withstand constant use. It rocks smoothly and can be adjusted in height up to 3 inches.
A better upgrade

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