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The Best Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Updated Dec 11, 2022
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Most people can get through a household power outage without much hassle—chances are, by the time you find the spare flashlight batteries and break out the board games, your lights and television will already be back on. But if you want to keep your home Wi-Fi network and some other key electronics up and running in the event of an outage, an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) might be a worthwhile investment. After spending 34 hours interviewing experts, considering more than 100 models under $250, and testing the top candidates, we found that the CyberPower CP900AVR is the best UPS for people who want to back up a few small electronics (such as a modem, router, PC, external hard drive, or game server) during a blackout lasting up to four hours.

CyberPower CP900AVR, the best ups for a home network

CyberPower CP900AVR

The best UPS for a home network
With five outlets on battery backup and 10 outlets total, this UPS can reliably keep your Wi-Fi network running for up to four hours in a blackout or keep your home-office setup powered long enough for you to save your work and shut down.
We recommend
APC BR1500MS2, powers larger setups for longer


Powers larger setups for longer
This UPS has the highest peak power output and run time of any model we tested, so it can run more gear for a longer stretch than anything else. Plus, its higher-quality power is compatible with even the most sensitive electronics.
A better upgrade
Amazon Basics Standby UPS 800VA, a bare-bones ups

Amazon Basics Standby UPS 800VA

A bare-bones UPS
This UPS lacks premium features, but it has plenty of outlets and power to keep a home Wi-Fi network up and running for up to an hour and a half when the power goes out.
Budget friendly

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