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The Best Wall Outlets With USB Charging Ports

Updated Dec 10, 2022
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If you’re tired of hunting for the phone and laptop chargers scattered around your house, wall outlets with built-in USB ports offer an easy and affordable way to ensure that you can always plug in. These outlets provide the same power as a USB phone charger, cost less than twice as much, and free up AC outlets, as well. Leviton’s T5635 (or the 20-amp T5835) is the model we suggest you install, as it has two high-power, future-proof USB-C ports with a combined power draw of 30 watts. That’s enough to power a small laptop or to charge two smartphones at the same time. It’s also easy to install safely yourself. Just make sure a USB-equipped outlet will fit your outlet box before you buy.

Leviton T5635, the best wall outlet with usb-c

Leviton T5635

The best wall outlet with USB-C
This is the only outlet with two USB-C ports that can charge at up to 30 watts, perfect for everything from phones to small laptops and tablets.
We recommend
Leviton T5835, the best 20-amp wall outlet with usb-c

Leviton T5835

The best 20-amp wall outlet with USB-C
This version has the same USB ports but offers AC ports powerful enough for power tools, space heaters, and other high-draw appliances.
We recommend
Topgreener TU21558AC, the best outlet with both usb-a and usb-c ports

Topgreener TU21558AC

The best outlet with both USB-A and USB-C ports
This is the only outlet that can charge both a USB-A device and a newer USB-C device at full speeds simultaneously. It’s a versatile way to upgrade outlets around your home.
Another good choice
Leviton T5633, an affordable usb-a and usb-c charger available at big-box stores

Leviton T5633

An affordable USB-A and USB-C charger available at big-box stores
The USB-C port on this A+C outlet charges just a little slower than the one on the Topgreener TU21558AC, but unlike the Topgreener it’s available at most big-box hardware stores.
Another good choice

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