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The Best Water Filter Pitcher and Dispenser

Updated Dec 10, 2022
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If you’re seeking an easy way to get filtered drinking water at home, we recommend the Pur Plus Pitcher Replacement Filter or the Pur Pitcher Filter, to be paired with the companion Pur Classic 11 Cup Pitcher or the Pur Plus 30 Cup Dispenser (for homes going through lots of water). In eight years of researching and testing pitcher-type water filters, we’ve found that Pur’s are the simplest to use. And they have some of the best certifications for filtering contaminants.

Pur Plus Pitcher Replacement Filter, the best certifications, including for lead

Pur Plus Pitcher Replacement Filter

The best certifications, including for lead
We recommend
Pur Pitcher Filter, faster filtration, fewer certifications

Pur Pitcher Filter

Faster filtration, fewer certifications
With 13 certifications—though notably not lead—the Pur Pitcher Filter trades some functionality for faster filtration.
We recommend
Pur Classic 11 Cup Pitcher, a superior pitcher

Pur Classic 11 Cup Pitcher

A superior pitcher
The elements that make the Pur Classic 11 Cup Pitcher stand out are its comfortable-to-hold handle, flip-top lid (for one-handed filling), and high-volume fill tank.
We recommend
Pur Plus 30 Cup Dispenser, a dispenser, for heavy use

Pur Plus 30 Cup Dispenser

A dispenser, for heavy use
A dispenser provides higher capacity and can pour while it’s filtering. So for households with more than two people, this is a better option than a pitcher.
We recommend
Brita Longlast+ Filter, great specs but might clog

Brita Longlast+ Filter

Great specs but might clog
The Brita Longlast+ has 30 ANSI/NSF certifications and is rated to last six months—three times longer than most filters. But it’s dogged by clogging issues.
Another good choice
Brita Standard Pitcher and Dispenser Filter, fast and cheap, fewer certifications

Brita Standard Pitcher and Dispenser Filter

Fast and cheap, fewer certifications
The inexpensive, basic Brita Standard Pitcher and Dispenser Filter makes good-tasting water. But with only five ANSI/NSF certifications, it is less effective against many potential contaminants.
Another good choice
Brita Standard Everyday Pitcher, good (but imperfect) design

Brita Standard Everyday Pitcher

Good (but imperfect) design
Brita’s iconic Everyday 10-cup pitcher in many ways defines the filter-pitcher category. But it has a few design weaknesses that make it less pleasant to use than the Pur Classic.
Another good choice
Brita UltraMax Dispenser, if you need more water

Brita UltraMax Dispenser

If you need more water
Brita’s Ultramax delivers plenty of water and works as well as Pur’s dispenser. But it’s not as easy to carry to and from the faucet.
Another good choice
LifeStraw Home Dispenser, well-tested and virtually clog-proof

LifeStraw Home Dispenser

Well-tested and virtually clog-proof
The LifeStraw Home Dispenser filtered gallons of rust-laden water and kept on working—and it’s been reliably tested against dozens of contaminants.
Another good choice

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