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The Best Water Flossers

Updated Dec 10, 2022
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Water flossers, also known as oral irrigators, cost a lot more up-front than string floss. And they can still be pretty uncomfortable to use—get ready to drool. Also, there’s no clear evidence that they’re superior to traditional floss. Yet some people really like the way the water jets feel between their teeth, and some find it’s easier to work with a wand than a piece of string. Of the 13 models we’ve tested, we recommend the Waterpik Ion, a compact traditional water flosser with a cordless charging base. It cleaned our mouths thoroughly and takes up less counter space than most of its competitors.

Waterpik Ion, customizable, cordless charging

Waterpik Ion

Customizable, cordless charging
This countertop flosser made our mouths feel the cleanest, and it can operate cordlessly (between the unit and the wall), which saves a ton of counter space.
We recommend
Waterpik Aquarius, just as effective, but bulkier

Waterpik Aquarius

Just as effective, but bulkier
The Aquarius cleans just as well as the Ion, and it has the same warranty and 10 pressure settings. But this model is slightly larger, and it requires an outlet and more counter space.
Another good choice
Waterpik Cordless Express, portable yet powerful

Waterpik Cordless Express

Portable yet powerful
This handheld, battery-operated cordless model is more portable than—and almost as effective as—its corded counterparts.
Another good choice

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