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The Best Waterproof Mattress Protectors and Pads

Updated Dec 10, 2022
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If you want to shield a mattress from spills, potty training accidents, or pet messes, we recommend the SafeRest Premium Mattress Protector. After 240 hours researching and testing 14 protectors, we found the SafeRest did the best job at keeping our mattress dry, while also feeling comfortable to sleep on. And after multiple washes, it retained its waterproofing better than almost any other protector we tried.

SafeRest Premium Mattress Protector, the best waterproof mattress protector

SafeRest Premium Mattress Protector

The best waterproof mattress protector
This inexpensive fitted mattress protector is one of the few that stayed fully waterproof through our tests. It’s comfortable to sleep on and inexpensive.
We recommend
Priva Ultra Plus Sheet Protector, a waterproof pad

Priva Ultra Plus Sheet Protector

A waterproof pad
If you want something that’s easier to put on and take off the bed, the Priva Ultra Plus outperformed other mattress pads we tested.
Another good choice
Linenspa Waterproof Sheet Protector, a better pad for kids

Linenspa Waterproof Sheet Protector

A better pad for kids
We like this travel-friendly, easy-to-change mattress pad for kids because it’s made with safer polyurethane instead of vinyl.
Another good choice

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