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The Best Wet Mop

Updated Dec 10, 2022
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After considering hundreds of wet mops and spending six hours testing eight popular models (and five buckets), our picks are the O-Cedar Microfiber Cloth Mop and the O-Cedar Quick Wring Bucket. This duo beat the competition at sopping up rank gutter water, spilled cups of Coke, and every other test we tried.

O-Cedar Microfiber Cloth Mop, the best mop for most people

O-Cedar Microfiber Cloth Mop

The best mop for most people
Exceptionally absorbent on spills, able to scrub stuck-on dirt, compact, nimble, and economical, it’s all you can ask of a mop.
We recommend
O-Cedar Quick Wring Bucket, the best bucket

O-Cedar Quick Wring Bucket

The best bucket
Light and compact, with a clever wringer that can be removed for general tasks, this bucket is basic and well-balanced.
We recommend
Libman Wonder Mop, almost as effective

Libman Wonder Mop

Almost as effective
Not quite the performer that our pick is, the Libman has one key advantage: you don’t need a bucket to use it.
Another good choice

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