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The Best White Noise Machine

Updated Dec 11, 2022
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White noise machines generate sounds to mask the assorted yapping dogs, clanky radiators, and late-night parties that can leave us anxious, seething, and awake. These machines can also drown out distracting sounds during the day to help you focus. After testing a total of 22 popular devices and apps against an array of annoying noises since 2016, as well as interviewing a range of experts—including sleep researchers and audio engineers—we’ve concluded that the LectroFan EVO is the most effective nuisance-noise blocker for the price.

LectroFan EVO, the best white noise machine

LectroFan EVO

The best white noise machine
With its electronically generated sounds, the LectroFan EVO masks a wider variety of noises than the other machines we tested in its price range.
We recommend
Yogasleep Dohm, real fan sounds

Yogasleep Dohm

Real fan sounds
Fans of fan sounds may find the Yogasleep Dohm’s low-tech whir more pleasant than the more staticky white noise of the LectroFan EVO. But its volume range is smaller, and it doesn’t mask noise as well.
Another good choice
Sound+Sleep, more layered, complex sounds


More layered, complex sounds
This easy-to-use machine provides not only white noise variations but also a mix of rich, customizable ambient sounds.
A better upgrade
myNoise, a white noise app for iphone and android


A white noise app for iPhone and Android
myNoise offers better customization than any other white noise app we’ve found. It doesn’t simply make nuisance noises more bearable—it can make them almost disappear.
Another good choice

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