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The Best Wi-Fi Extender and Signal Booster

Updated Dec 11, 2022
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Sometimes, there’s one spot in your home where Wi-Fi just doesn’t quite work right. If your standalone Wi-Fi router isn’t keeping your laptop or phone reliably connected everywhere in your house, a good Wi-Fi extender is the quickest, cheapest fix, though it’s most effective in an environment with just a single dead zone. After putting in more than 20 additional hours on a new round of research and testing, we’ve found that the moderately priced TP-Link RE315 can make a network noticeably more reliable in a small area.

TP-Link RE315, good wi-fi coverage for less than a monthly internet bill

TP-Link RE315

Good Wi-Fi coverage for less than a monthly internet bill
TP-Link’s RE315 is a good extender for anyone who wants to boost a network, add an Ethernet jack to another room wirelessly, or install an access point in a prewired home.
We recommend
Asus RP-AX56, great wi-fi 6 signal, and easier to hide

Asus RP-AX56

Great Wi-Fi 6 signal, and easier to hide
The Asus RP-AX56 provides a stable and speedy connection to trouble-prone areas of a home. It works with any router but is also a mesh-compatible extender for homes with Asus AiMesh routers.
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