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The Best Cell Phone Plans

Updated Dec 17, 2022
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If you haven’t looked at how your current bill compares with what it might be under a new plan or on a new service, you should check now. Despite the recent shift from four national carriers to three, and the transitions from 3G networks to 4G and now 5G, prices have gone down while data allocations have gone up, especially among the dozens of smaller carriers reselling services from the big three. But as always, most deals come with a catch.

T-Mobile Magenta, more data for streaming and downloading

T-Mobile Magenta

More data for streaming and downloading
If more data is more important to you than coverage in non-metropolitan areas, the Magenta plan offers a great price for unlimited data on a strong network. Plus, T-Mobile has the best 5G service and international plans.
We recommend
Verizon Wireless , for more coverage in more places

Verizon Wireless

For more coverage in more places
Verizon offers the most reliable network in most parts of the US, particularly outside of major metro areas. The 5 GB shared-data plan is a great value, with more than enough data for most people.
We recommend
Consumer Cellular, affordable two-line plans

Consumer Cellular

Affordable two-line plans
This reseller of AT&T and T-Mobile offers great service and the cheapest two-line service bundles for most people.
Budget friendly
Metro by T-Mobile, affordable four-line plans

Metro by T-Mobile

Affordable four-line plans
T-Mobile’s prepaid brand offers the cheapest service for four lines plus access to the network’s strong 5G speeds.
Budget friendly
Mint Mobile, a cheap, prepaid plan

Mint Mobile

A cheap, prepaid plan
Mint Mobile gives you access to T-Mobile’s network for much less money, but you have to pay for three, six, or 12 months in advance.
Budget friendly

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