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The Best Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Updated Dec 11, 2022
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There’s no shortage of good wireless earbuds on the market, but the best pair should offer a level of performance, reliability, and comfort that elevates it above the pack. In our most recent round of tests, no pair exceeded our expectations like the Soundcore Space A40. With excellent noise cancellation, customizable sound, a compact size, good microphone quality, wireless charging, and a comfortable fit, the Soundcore Space A40 performs so well that it’s hard to believe this true wireless pair is priced around $100.

Soundcore Space A40, the best true wireless earbuds

Soundcore Space A40

The best true wireless earbuds
These tiny earbuds have great sound, excellent noise cancellation, and a long battery life. But they don’t support a voice-activated assistant like Alexa or Siri, and the touch controls are slightly limited.
We recommend
Beats Fit Pro, if you want voice-activated siri control

Beats Fit Pro

If you want voice-activated Siri control
These earbuds sound great, fit securely, and offer the convenience of hands-free Siri voice control. However, they lack dual-device pairing, and the chunky case can’t charge wirelessly.
Another good choice
JBL Reflect Aero TWS, if you want voice-activated google or alexa control

JBL Reflect Aero TWS

If you want voice-activated Google or Alexa control
This pair offers your choice of voice-activated Alexa or Google Assistant control, as well as good sound and excellent noise cancellation. But the touch-based controls have some bothersome limits.
Another good choice
EarFun Free 2S, the best budget wireless earbuds

EarFun Free 2S

The best budget wireless earbuds
This affordable pair is loaded with features and performs respectably well, but the sound quality and features fall short of the best competitors.
Budget friendly

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