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The Best Women’s Razors (for Every Body)

Updated Dec 10, 2022
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If you shave any part of your body that’s not your face, a body or “women’s” razor is likely the best tool for the task. Unlike facial razors, body razors are engineered for broad expanses of skin and the slippery arena of the shower. We had 10 people with different hair types and shaving needs compare finalists, and we think the Gillette Venus Original is the cartridge razor system most people will like best.

Gillette Venus Original, the best all-around body razor

Gillette Venus Original

The best all-around body razor
This classic Venus is one of the easiest razors to grip and maneuver, and its three-blade design keeps the blades remarkably free of hair. Gillette offers a subscription option for replacement cartridges.
We recommend
Gillette Venus Swirl, a razor for trickier areas

Gillette Venus Swirl

A razor for trickier areas
The extra-flexible Venus Swirl has a pivoting head that can better reach problem areas like knees or ankles, but its gooey moisture strips can gunk up fast. Gillette offers a subscription option for replacement cartridges.
Another good choice
Billie, a beautiful razor on a subscription service


A beautiful razor on a subscription service
The Billie is the most attractive razor we tested and gave one of the smoothest-feeling shaves.
Another good choice

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