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Board Games We Love for Kids and Families

Updated Dec 10, 2022
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Kids board games don’t have to be boring, but you have to sift through a lot of duds to find the gems that offer challenging, interactive, and engaging fun time and time again. To find our favorite board games for kids and families, we researched more than 50 games, talked to experts (including a gaming specialist and a jury member for the Kinderspiel des Jahres prize), scoured reviews, and played games ourselves.

First Orchard,

First Orchard

This fruit-themed cooperative game introduces young players to board game basics like taking turns, rolling a die, and matching colors.
Go Away Monster,

Go Away Monster

With simple rules and a silly theme, this can be played by kids as young as 2 and reinforces skills like deduction, shape recognition, and memory.


Up to eight players can join this game, which requires working together, making strategic decisions, and planning ahead to keep three backyard critters safe from a hungry cat.
Rhino Hero,

Rhino Hero

This dexterity game is easy to learn but requires careful moves and a light touch to avoid toppling the card tower.
Set Junior,

Set Junior

With two difficulty levels, this game challenges kids to recognize patterns and identify combinations, and is a good gateway to classic card and tile games like Poker or Rummikub.
Dinosaur Escape Game,

Dinosaur Escape Game

In this cooperative, memory-based game, kids help each other guide their dinosaurs to safety before the volcano erupts.
We recommend
Ice Cool 2,

Ice Cool 2

Many reviewers say this dexterity game—in which players flick, spin, and bump penguin figures to hit targets—is as fun for adults as it is for kids.
We recommend
My First Stone Age,

My First Stone Age

This resource strategy game is in the style of Settlers of Catan, but on a scale accessible for kids as young as 5.


This beautifully illustrated, three-dimensional strategy game has an environmental theme and can be played again and again.
We recommend
The Magic Labyrinth,

The Magic Labyrinth

In this challenging mental mapping game, kids move magnetic pawns to collect items on the game board while trying to avoid hitting the barriers hidden below.
Race to the Treasure,

Race to the Treasure

Kids learn how to strategize and work together to lay a path to reach keys to treasure chests before the ogre gets them.
Sushi Go,

Sushi Go

This quick-paced “pick and pass” card game is simple enough for kids as young as 5 to master, but tricky enough for older kids and adults to enjoy.


This acclaimed game has a simple, open-ended structure that fosters creativity and storytelling.


Players seek treasures by strategically arranging tiles on their own game boards, which makes it a good fit for players who prefer less directly competitive games.


A unique take on dominoes, players have to build a kingdom by matching tiles showing different types of terrain. The fast pace and easy learning curve make it fun yet challenging for kids and adults alike.
Exit: The Game – The House of Riddles,

Exit: The Game – The House of Riddles

This cooperative game from an award-winning series has up to four players solving riddles and puzzles to escape from an abandoned house. Because you have to write on or cut up game pieces, you can play it only once.
We recommend


You unlock new rules and features each time you play. Though the rules, structure, and strategy are complex, the fairytale-esque theme and group discovery makes it a great choice for families to play together.
The Chameleon Board Game,

The Chameleon Board Game

This social deduction game has players try to identify an imposter or guess a code word before the round is up.
We recommend

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