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Windows Surface vs. Apple iPad: The Best Pro Tablets

Updated Dec 10, 2022
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For artists, photographers, vigorous notetakers, productivity diehards, and other creative professionals, a tablet can be a handy second device for getting work done. We recommend the iPad Pro (11-inch, M2) for its beautiful display, fast M2 processor, and precise stylus—especially for users already immersed in Apple’s ecosystem. Otherwise, for Windows users looking for the thinnest machine possible, the Surface Pro 9 runs the full Windows operating system, making it better for taking your documents and Excel spreadsheets on the go.

Apple iPad Pro (11-inch, M2, 256 GB), great tablet, okay laptop

Apple iPad Pro (11-inch, M2, 256 GB)

Great tablet, okay laptop
The M2 iPad Pro has a faster processor and a more capable camera than previous models, plus a vivid screen and access to a wide library of iPad-optimized apps. But coders, web developers, and anyone who needs to use a lot of external accessories are likely to find iPadOS limiting.
We recommend
Microsoft Surface Pro 9, great laptop, okay tablet

Microsoft Surface Pro 9

Great laptop, okay tablet
The Surface Pro 9 lets you easily add handwritten notes to documents and has a large screen that makes a full day of work comfortable. But it’s costly, and you need $300 in accessories to make the most of the tablet.
Another good choice
Apple iPad Air (M1), a cheaper ipad

Apple iPad Air (M1)

A cheaper iPad
The iPad Air is a slightly less expensive pick for pros who don’t need Face ID or a 120 Hz screen.
Budget friendly

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