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Can the Mirror Really Replicate the Studio Fitness Class Experience?

Updated Dec 12, 2022
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Small-m mirrors are a staple in practically every gym in America. But the big-M Mirror—a device that streams live and on-demand fitness classes from a companion app via a two-way video feed—is pushing the boundaries of connected fitness by putting a virtual instructor (and your own reflection) on a sleek screen meant for home use. We found that using the Mirror is fun, and that its thoughtful details and varied, high-quality programming set it apart from typical streaming scenarios. But although it is beautifully made and nearly seamless to operate, the Mirror costs around $2,200 for the first year, including the required monthly subscription. That said, if your intention is to replace your gym membership or pricey fitness-class habit with in-home workouts that suit your schedule and approximate the feel of a boutique studio, the Mirror may be worth your consideration.

The Mirror, a pricey potential replacement for studio fitness classes

The Mirror

A pricey potential replacement for studio fitness classes
People who frequently pay for boutique studio classes at nonmember rates might be able to save money with this on-demand workout-streaming device. Otherwise, it’s just a $2,200 wall mirror.

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