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Closet Organizing Ideas

Updated Dec 10, 2022
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Bringing order to a disorganized, cluttered closet can make daily life feel a little smoother—helping you find what you need, use what you own, and save time getting ready. To help you get closets of any size under control, we asked eight experts for their best tips and tricks, and we spent over 60 hours researching and testing closet gear. We have recommendations for everything from space-saving hangers to full closet systems, to help you find your tidy bliss.

The Container Store 6-Compartment Canvas Hanging Sweater Organizer, best hanging organizer

The Container Store 6-Compartment Canvas Hanging Sweater Organizer

Best hanging organizer
Meant to help you store bulky items and take advantage of vertical space, these sturdy hanging cubbies had the most stable hooks we found.
We recommend
ClosetMaid Double Hang Closet Rod, best closet-rod extender

ClosetMaid Double Hang Closet Rod

Best closet-rod extender
This extender is the only one we considered that successfully gave us more usable space. It was also the easiest to adjust, so it’ll accommodate any closet.
We recommend
Joy Mangano Huggable Hangers, slim hangers for maximizing space

Joy Mangano Huggable Hangers

Slim hangers for maximizing space
These slender, velvet-flocked hangers are the most space-friendly and customizable options we found.
We recommend
Mawa Euro Space-Saving Hangers, durable, non-slip space-savers

Mawa Euro Space-Saving Hangers

Durable, non-slip space-savers
These PVC-coated steel hangers cost more than our top pick, but they’re elegant, come in a few forms and colors, and will last years.
A better upgrade
The Container Store Chrome Metal Pant Hangers, a sleek option for pants

The Container Store Chrome Metal Pant Hangers

A sleek option for pants
These hangers are slim, for maximizing space. Yet they have a simple, open design, for slipping pants on and off easily.
Another good choice
Lynk Tall Shelf Dividers, best shelf dividers

Lynk Tall Shelf Dividers

Best shelf dividers
Stable and slim, these dividers are the best we tested to keep your stacked linens, sweaters, or bags in order without a hassle. They fit shelves up to ¾ inch thick.
We recommend
The Container Store Clear Shelf Divider, a plastic divider for thicker shelves

The Container Store Clear Shelf Divider

A plastic divider for thicker shelves
This was the best of the solid dividers we tried. It fits shelves from ¾ inch to 1½ inches thick and has a hook for hanging items in front of your shelves.
Another good choice
Dial Dream Drawer Organizers, the best drawer dividers

Dial Dream Drawer Organizers

The best drawer dividers
More than any others we tried, these dividers are simple to use and better at keeping socks and underwear organized while maximizing drawer space.
We recommend
Open Spaces Drawer Dividers, a sturdy, wooden option

Open Spaces Drawer Dividers

A sturdy, wooden option
A mostly plastic-free option, these solid ash wood dividers are attractive, grippy, and easy to use, but they’re significantly more expensive than our top pick.
A better upgrade
InterDesign Axis 8-Hook Wall-Mounted Rack, a great rack for accessories

InterDesign Axis 8-Hook Wall-Mounted Rack

A great rack for accessories
This eight-hook rack is one of the best compact options we found for keeping ties, necklaces, or other small accessories neatly arranged.
We recommend
Spectrum Duchess Over the Door 5-Hook Rack, a great over-the-door rack

Spectrum Duchess Over the Door 5-Hook Rack

A great over-the-door rack
This hook rack takes advantage of lost space on the back of a closet door and is great for bulkier items like robes or towels.
Another good choice
Yamazaki Home Over-the-Door Hanger, a minimalist over-the-door rack

Yamazaki Home Over-the-Door Hanger

A minimalist over-the-door rack
This sleek, low-profile hanger works best for smaller items like baseball hats, masks, and totes.
Another good choice
Seville Classics 3-Tier Resin Slat Utility Shoe Rack, a sturdy, space-efficient shoe rack

Seville Classics 3-Tier Resin Slat Utility Shoe Rack

A sturdy, space-efficient shoe rack
This rack succeeds where most fail: It assembles in minutes, has ample space, and remains wobble-free. And it is easier to customize than any other we found.
We recommend
Yamazaki Home Tower Shoe Rack, an attractive, high-quality rack for shoes—or anything else

Yamazaki Home Tower Shoe Rack

An attractive, high-quality rack for shoes—or anything else
This investment-worthy rack is slim enough to fit in a closet and sleek enough for an entryway, and it can house up to 24 shoes.
A better upgrade
Yamazaki Home Tower Shoe Rack–Tall, a mini shoe rack for the smallest spaces

Yamazaki Home Tower Shoe Rack–Tall

A mini shoe rack for the smallest spaces
This elegant little rack has the footprint of just one pair of shoes—but it holds five.
Another good choice
IKEA Boaxel, best affordable closet system

IKEA Boaxel

Best affordable closet system
If you’re on a budget, this system lets you start small and build over time. It’s better made than wire systems we’ve seen at other big-box stores, and there are plenty of components to mix and match.
We recommend
The Container Store Elfa, a closet system to invest in long-term

The Container Store Elfa

A closet system to invest in long-term
This is the sturdiest and most attractive closet system we looked at, with beautiful finishes and lots of add-on options. But it’s very expensive.
We recommend
ClosetMaid Stackable Storage Organizers, best modular system

ClosetMaid Stackable Storage Organizers

Best modular system
This system of stackable shelves and cubbies is the best way to add lots of storage to your closet without putting holes in your walls.
We recommend
The Container Store 41-Qt Clear Weathertight Tote, best under-bed bins

The Container Store 41-Qt Clear Weathertight Tote

Best under-bed bins
Sturdy construction and better materials give this small yet versatile bin an edge over the competition.
We recommend
Open Spaces The Bin Trio, bins you can leave out

Open Spaces The Bin Trio

Bins you can leave out
If you don’t need something with airtight sealing, try these storage bins, which come in multiple sizes. They offer roomy, stackable storage, and they look nice enough to keep in plain sight.
Another good choice
HAY Colour Storage Box, colorful storage boxes

HAY Colour Storage Box

Colorful storage boxes
These vibrantly hued boxes are perfect for holding keepsake items, love letters, scarves, hats, and old mix tapes. They come in multiple sizes, are sturdy, and stay shut with a magnetic lid.
Another good choice
Misslo Folding Breathable Jumbo Storage Bag, best bedding storage

Misslo Folding Breathable Jumbo Storage Bag

Best bedding storage
We found these blanket bags to be the easiest and sturdiest way to hold bulky bedding. They’re also great for keeping a legion of stuffed toys dust-free.
We recommend
SpaceSaver Vacuum Storage Bags, best vacuum-sealed storage bag

SpaceSaver Vacuum Storage Bags

Best vacuum-sealed storage bag
These bags are quick to compress, and they reduced more volume than others we tested.
We recommend
Acrodo Space Saver Compression Bags, a roll-up compression bag

Acrodo Space Saver Compression Bags

A roll-up compression bag
These smaller bags don’t need a vacuum, so they are easier to use in tight storage areas, for travel, or in moving boxes.
Another good choice

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