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Stylish Pieces to Help You Unleash Your Inner Coastal Grandmother

Updated Dec 10, 2022
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If you’ve spent much time on social media lately, you may have noticed that the coastal grandmother—an effortlessly chic, linen-clad woman-of-a-certain-age—is having a moment in the sun. The viral moniker, coined by TikToker Lex Nicoleta, refers to anyone—grandmother or not—who aspires to the breezy beachfront lifestyle of a Nancy Meyers heroine, like Diane Keaton in Something’s Gotta Give. Hers is a world of easy luxury, filled with high-quality items that enhance life’s simple pleasures—so obviously, we’re here for it.

White + Warren Essential Cashmere Trapeze Cardigan, best women’s cardigan

White + Warren Essential Cashmere Trapeze Cardigan

Best women’s cardigan
This simple, luxurious, and flattering open-front cardigan offers a delicate layer of warmth without the weight.
We recommend
Club Monaco Slim Linen Shirt, polished and summer-ready

Club Monaco Slim Linen Shirt

Polished and summer-ready
The Club Monaco shirt looks and feels polished enough to wear to a nice lunch yet casual enough for a day at the beach. Like all linen shirts, this one is meant to wrinkle.
We recommend
Rough Linen St. Barts Linen Robe, a breezy linen robe

Rough Linen St. Barts Linen Robe

A breezy linen robe
This unisex robe was the lightest and softest linen we tried. The fabric helps it breathe more than the other lightweight robes we tested, so it’s ideal when the temperature is hot.
We recommend
Nisolo Women’s Huarache Sandals, elegant leather sandals

Nisolo Women’s Huarache Sandals

Elegant leather sandals
These handwoven leather sandals are stylish and comfortable, molding to the feet after only a few wears.
We recommend
Superga 2750 Cotu Classic White, a simple silhouette with some texture

Superga 2750 Cotu Classic White

A simple silhouette with some texture
These textured canvas shoes have an understated shape that pairs well with almost any outfit. Flattering and comfortable, they are great for everyday wear.
We recommend
Olé Puerto Rico Borsalino Long Brim, a sunny-day favorite

Olé Puerto Rico Borsalino Long Brim

A sunny-day favorite
This Panama straw hat is breathable and lightweight, and it provides ample shade. Each hat is handwoven, adding to its character.
We recommend
Kent Wang Sunglasses Keyhole, stylish, comfortable, and highly durable

Kent Wang Sunglasses Keyhole

Stylish, comfortable, and highly durable
This round pair is made from cellulose acetate, making it lightweight and durable. These sunglasses look as good as more expensive luxury pairs.
We recommend
L.L.Bean Boat and Tote, a heavy-duty canvas tote bag

L.L.Bean Boat and Tote

A heavy-duty canvas tote bag
The L.L.Bean Boat and Tote is a classic for a reason. Made from heavy canvas, this is a sturdy bag that will last you a lifetime.
We recommend
Faribault Mill Monhegan Cotton Throw, a stylish and sturdy cotton throw

Faribault Mill Monhegan Cotton Throw

A stylish and sturdy cotton throw
This oversize herringbone throw is stylish and versatile, and it’s rugged enough for heavy use.
We recommend
Longaberger Whitewashed Picnic Basket, a sweet picnic basket

Longaberger Whitewashed Picnic Basket

A sweet picnic basket
This roomy, handwoven Longaberger basket is a fun and functional way to carry your picnic essentials.
We recommend
Libbey Signature Kentfield Estate All-Purpose Wine Glass, the best all-purpose wine glass

Libbey Signature Kentfield Estate All-Purpose Wine Glass

The best all-purpose wine glass
This inexpensive tulip-shaped glass showcases both red and white wines well. It’s durable yet still thin and elegant enough for dinner parties.
We recommend
Paddywax Tobacco Flower Form Candle, smoky sweet and doubles as decor

Paddywax Tobacco Flower Form Candle

Smoky sweet and doubles as decor
Paddywax’s Tobacco Flower candle comes in an eye-catching ceramic vessel and produces a subtle yet intoxicating cedar and patchouli fragrance.
We recommend

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