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Do You Really Need a Home Energy Monitor?

Updated Dec 11, 2022
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Whole-home energy monitors can potentially measure how much electricity your home uses down to the individual circuits and even single devices, thus allowing you to identify ways to save. With electricity rates rising nationwide and climate change driving conversations about consumption, efficiency, and how people get their energy, these monitors have appeal. According to the manufacturers and some of the independent experts we spoke with, many households save an average of nearly 10% on their power bills in the year after installing a monitor, with more engaged people saving up to twice that.

Sense Energy Monitor , intelligent power monitoring

Sense Energy Monitor

Intelligent power monitoring
Sense, one of the earliest monitors available, uses machine learning to identify individual appliances and their electricity usage.
Generac PWRview W2, another intelligent power monitor

Generac PWRview W2

Another intelligent power monitor
Generac’s PWRview W2 monitor, based on the earlier Neurio W1, also uses machine learning to identify devices, and it costs less than the Sense.
Emporia Gen 2 Vue, basic whole-house monitoring with options

Emporia Gen 2 Vue

Basic whole-house monitoring with options
Emporia’s Gen 2 Vue monitor doesn’t employ machine learning, but you can add extra sensors to directly measure what up to 16 individual circuits are using.

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