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Our Favorite Kitchen Aprons

Updated Dec 12, 2022
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Whether you’re in the kitchen nightly or just occasionally, you’ll cook with more confidence in a great-fitting apron that keeps your clothes safe from splatters. After inviting a wide range of people with different body types to test 24 aprons, we found nine that we highly recommend. Our picks are comfortable and durable, and they’ll allow you to cook in style for years to come.

Hedley & Bennett Crossback Apron, an adjustable crossback apron

Hedley & Bennett Crossback Apron

An adjustable crossback apron
The favorite among our testers, this apron is comfortable, soft (yet sturdy), gender neutral, and adjustable (to fit a wide range of sizes).
We recommend
Cayson Lulu Apron, an affordable cross-back apron

Cayson Lulu Apron

An affordable cross-back apron
Made from thick and sturdy denim, this apron is a great value if you don’t mind the absence of hip pockets.
Another good choice
Williams-Sonoma Classic Apron, a durable and inexpensive bib apron

Williams-Sonoma Classic Apron

A durable and inexpensive bib apron
This affordable bib apron is constructed from thick cotton and comes in a rainbow of colors.
We recommend
Cayson Butcher Apron, comes in four sizes

Cayson Butcher Apron

Comes in four sizes
This structured apron comes in four generously cut sizes to fit a wide range of people, and the straps hold it securely in place without tugging or sliding.
We recommend
Tilit Contra Chef Apron, lightweight, water-resistant

Tilit Contra Chef Apron

Lightweight, water-resistant
If you want to stay comfy and dry while scrubbing a pile of pots and pans, this lightweight, water-resistant apron is your best bet.
We recommend
Rough Linen The Original Linen Pinafore-Apron, comfortable and drapey

Rough Linen The Original Linen Pinafore-Apron

Comfortable and drapey
This loose-fitting pinafore is absurdly comfy, and the thick linen keeps you protected yet cool.
We recommend
Fog Linen Over Apron, full-coverage crossback

Fog Linen Over Apron

Full-coverage crossback
With its extra-wide, long design, this pinafore has you covered from front to back.
We recommend
Rough Linen Orkney Linen Apron, an attractive linen half apron

Rough Linen Orkney Linen Apron

An attractive linen half apron
This breathable linen waist apron is a great choice for people who cook in hot kitchens.
We recommend
Amana Woolen Mill Lake Stripe Half Apron, heavyweight yet still cute

Amana Woolen Mill Lake Stripe Half Apron

Heavyweight yet still cute
This attractive apron is the one to wear when you want to look ready for guests while putting the finishing touches on dinner.
We recommend

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