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The Best Mechanical Keyboards

Updated Dec 10, 2022
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Every stroke of the keys on a well-made keyboard should bring a unique joy, as each clack provides your ideal tactile feedback, and each key is styled to match your aesthetic. If you spend most of your day typing, coding, or gaming, a mechanical keyboard can be a comfortable, customizable upgrade over the shallow, drab keyboard that came with your computer. After spending months testing the most promising mechanical keyboards, we like the Varmilo VA87M for its excellent build quality and its compact, minimalist design. It’s available with plenty of switch options and colorful high-quality keycaps to match your preference, too.

Varmilo VA87M, the best mechanical keyboard

Varmilo VA87M

The best mechanical keyboard
The tenkeyless VA87M offers top-notch build quality and a tasteful, minimalist design. It’s available with a wide variety of switches and keycaps.
We recommend
Varmilo VA87M Mac, the best mechanical keyboard for mac

Varmilo VA87M Mac

The best mechanical keyboard for Mac
This version of the VA87M has a macOS-specific layout and keycaps. It’s otherwise identical to the standard VA87M.
We recommend
Leopold FC750R, the next-best keyboard

Leopold FC750R

The next-best keyboard
The FC750R has similarly excellent build quality and design, but it doesn’t offer as much switch or keycap variety as the VA87M does, and its media keys aren’t labeled.
Another good choice
Leopold FC900R, the best full-size keyboard

Leopold FC900R

The best full-size keyboard
The Leopold FC900R is almost identical to the FC750R, and we recommend it if you need a full-size keyboard with a built-in number pad.
Another good choice
Keychron C1 , a starter keyboard

Keychron C1

A starter keyboard
The tenkeyless Keychron C1 is an excellent value, with solid build quality and a satisfying typing experience. Its keycaps feel cheaper and will wear out sooner than those of our top picks, but you can’t beat the price.
Budget friendly
Keychron C2, a starter keyboard

Keychron C2

A starter keyboard
The full-size Keychron C2 is identical to the C1 but has a built-in number pad.
Budget friendly
Keychron Q3, the best, but expensive

Keychron Q3

The best, but expensive
The easy-to-program Keychron Q3 offers excellent build quality, hot-swappable switches, an optional knob, and RGB backlighting, but it’s expensive.
A better upgrade
Leopold FC210TP, the best number pad

Leopold FC210TP

The best number pad
The FC210TP is the best mechanical numpad we’ve tested, with build quality to match our top keyboard picks and a flatter, more comfortable slope.
Another good choice

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