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The Best Squatty Potty and Other Toilet Stools Worth the Floor Space

Updated Dec 10, 2022
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If you’ve ever wished pooping could be a faster or more pleasant experience, you may like having a toilet stool. “Toilet angles aren’t well aligned with how the anus and rectum [are] designed to be positioned when it’s time to have a bowel movement,” said Dr. Sophie Balzora, a clinical associate professor of medicine at NYU’s Grossman School of Medicine. The ideal pooping position is a squat—a posture that toilet stools help simulate by raising a person’s feet while they’re sitting on the toilet. This posture helps to straighten the colon and provide a smoother channel for poop to exit the body. (You can read more about how and whether it works here.) The best toilet stool for you depends on your style and budget.

Tushy Ottoman, stylish and sturdy

Tushy Ottoman

Stylish and sturdy
The Tushy Ottomon blends into most bathrooms that have white toilets. Plus, it’s especially easy to clean.
We recommend
Squatty Potty Stockholm Folding Bamboo Stool, foldable and portable

Squatty Potty Stockholm Folding Bamboo Stool

Foldable and portable
Squatty Potty’s Stockholm model is the sturdiest and nicest-looking stowable toilet stool we’ve seen. We think it’s a good choice for small spaces.
We recommend
EasyGoPro Original, slim but sturdy

EasyGoPro Original

Slim but sturdy
The EasyGoPro is an economical and unobtrusive toilet stool that’s ideal for small spaces.
We recommend
Step and Go Toilet Stool, a bulkier budget option

Step and Go Toilet Stool

A bulkier budget option
A perfunctory and affordable toilet stool, the Step and Go is larger than all of our other picks.
We recommend
Proppr Acer (Clear), a ghost chair for your feet

Proppr Acer (Clear)

A ghost chair for your feet
This acrylic toilet stool could be mistaken for a piece of abstract art (or a display shelf meant to hold it).
We recommend

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