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The Best Chef’s Knife

Updated Dec 11, 2022
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A great chef’s knife can revolutionize your daily meal prep. If your knife is comfortable to use and razor sharp, you can chop ingredients faster and with more control (and therefore more safely). Even for those who find cooking to be a chore, a quality chef’s knife might make the task feel easier. After putting in over 150 hours of research—and chopping more than 70 pounds of produce with 23 knives—we recommend the Mac Mighty MTH-80. It’s been our pick since 2013, and over the years it has proved to be dependable, sharp, comfortable to use, and a crowd favorite in our tests.

Mac Mighty MTH-80, the best chef’s knife

Mac Mighty MTH-80

The best chef’s knife
With its super-sharp edge, sleek tapered shape, and comfortable handle, this knife will make your everyday dicing and slicing tasks smoother and quicker.
We recommend
Tojiro DP F-808, an affordable japanese knife

Tojiro DP F-808

An affordable Japanese knife
This extremely sharp Japanese knife is one of the best deals we’ve found in cutlery. But it has a slightly less durable blade, and the handle doesn’t provide as much knuckle clearance.
Another good choice
Wüsthof Classic Ikon 8-Inch Cook’s Knife, a classic german knife

Wüsthof Classic Ikon 8-Inch Cook’s Knife

A classic German knife
This classic German knife is best if you prefer a heftier model for heavy-duty tasks. Its blade is softer than that of our top pick, so you’ll need to sharpen it more frequently.
Another good choice
Victorinox Fibrox Pro 8-Inch Chef’s Knife, sharp and affordable

Victorinox Fibrox Pro 8-Inch Chef’s Knife

Sharp and affordable
This knife is comfortable to use, durable, and pretty sharp. It’s by far the best knife you can buy for under $50.
Budget friendly

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