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The Best Fitness Trackers

Updated Dec 10, 2022
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A wearable fitness tracker can help you monitor your steps, strides, sleep, and more. It can also dole out doses of motivation along the way, which might nudge you toward a specific goal. Since 2015, we’ve spent more than two total months running, walking, swimming, cycling, sleeping, and, in short, living with 35 different fitness trackers day and night to assess their accuracy, ease of use, and comfort. Although no tracker perfectly recorded every metric it attempted to (including distance traveled, step counts, sleep quality, calories burned, and heart rate), we’re confident that the easy-to-use, feature-packed Fitbit Charge 5 is the best option for most people who want to use a fitness tracker to monitor their movements and take steps toward improving their health.

Fitbit Charge 5, the best fitness tracker

Fitbit Charge 5

The best fitness tracker
A sleek, feature-packed activity tracker, the Fitbit Charge 5 records a range of activities accurately and automatically, includes built-in GPS, and has an app that makes it simple to use and customize.
We recommend
Fitbit Inspire 2, streamlined but still feature-rich

Fitbit Inspire 2

Streamlined but still feature-rich
Compared with the Fitbit Charge 5, the Fitbit Inspire 2 has a slimmer silhouette and a battery that lasts three days longer. But it has a smaller, non-color screen and it doesn’t offer built-in GPS.
Budget friendly
Garmin Vívoactive 4S, for the fitness enthusiast

Garmin Vívoactive 4S

For the fitness enthusiast
Winning points for accuracy and wearability, the Garmin Vívoactive 4S combines the best of sport and everyday wear for those who lead a workout-fueled life. It’s also a step closer to a GPS running watch than the Fitbit trackers we recommend.
A better upgrade
Apple Watch SE, a smartwatch with fitness cred

Apple Watch SE

A smartwatch with fitness cred
A smartwatch first and foremost, the Apple Watch SE delivers engaging activity, workout, and health tracking. But its battery life is shorter than that of our other picks, its app is a little less detailed, and it lacks a few advanced features that may appeal to you depending on your goals.
Another good choice
Ozo Fitness SC 3D Digital Pedometer, a dependable pedometer

Ozo Fitness SC 3D Digital Pedometer

A dependable pedometer
This slim clip-on device is dependably accurate and has user-friendly features, like a 30-day activity log organized by date

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