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The Best Garden Hose and Hose Reel

Updated Dec 11, 2022
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Garden hoses are unremarkable when they work well, but if they underperform, they’ll drive you insane. After several years of testing—washing cars, gardening, pressure-washing driveways, and doing other hosey home chores—we’ve concluded that the Continental Commercial Grade Rubber Hose (50 feet) is the all-purpose garden hose we’d invest in. It isn’t perfectly kink-proof, but its sturdiness and dependable performance go far beyond those of the twisted, knotted, worthless garbage hoses that probably inspired you to search for something better. A lot of the hoses we’ve used, tested, and recommended over the years work great for a year or two but then start to kink easily or otherwise degrade. Through this time, the Continental has remained a workhorse. It isn’t a flashy garden hose, but it is one we’ve come to confidently rely on.

Continental Commercial Grade Rubber Hose (50 feet), the best garden hose

Continental Commercial Grade Rubber Hose (50 feet)

The best garden hose
This tough rubber hose isn’t cheap and can be heavy to wrangle, but its strong fittings and durable body should last for years—and it has a lifetime warranty, just in case.
We recommend
Dramm ColorStorm Premium Rubber Hose (50 feet), similar but pricier

Dramm ColorStorm Premium Rubber Hose (50 feet)

Similar but pricier
The Dramm hose has a lot of the high points of the Continental hose, but it typically costs more, and it kinked more easily in our tests.
Another good choice
Eley 5/8-inch Polyurethane Garden Hose, exceptional, expensive, hosetastic

Eley 5/8-inch Polyurethane Garden Hose

Exceptional, expensive, hosetastic
The Eley is lighter, easier to use, and more durable than our other picks. It’s the best hose we’ve ever tested.
A better upgrade
HoseCoil ⅜-inch Self Coiling Garden Hose (25 feet), better for small spaces

HoseCoil ⅜-inch Self Coiling Garden Hose (25 feet)

Better for small spaces
Manageable, lightweight, and easy to store, this coiled hose is perfect for a small patio, where you don’t need a ton of range or the absolute maximum water volume.
Another good choice
Eley Portable Garden Hose Reel Cart, buy it for life

Eley Portable Garden Hose Reel Cart

Buy it for life
The Eley hose reel offers top-notch durability, overall quality, and ease of use. It’s not cheap, but it solves all of the problems people have with hose reels.
We recommend
Hoselink 82ft Retractable Hose Reel, a retractable reel

Hoselink 82ft Retractable Hose Reel

A retractable reel
The Hoselink hose pulls out easily and retracts on its own, making it a great choice for those who need the length but want minimal hassle.
Another good choice

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