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Our Favorite Watering Cans

Updated Dec 11, 2022
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Almost any vessel that holds liquid—from measuring jugs to that half-finished glass of water on your desk—can wet your thirsty plants. But a well-designed watering can wastes less water and makes less mess. Some even rise above their practical origins to also serve as gorgeous objects in the home. Below we list our six favorites for watering houseplants and small outdoor gardens. They are pleasant to use and a delight to look at.

CB2 SAIC Watering Carafe, style with substance

CB2 SAIC Watering Carafe

Style with substance
Our favorite decorative can is handsome, affordable, and functional. The SAIC can is the only ceramic pick on our list, and it’s great for watering large plants.
We recommend
Brilliest Long Spout Plastic Watering Can, our favorite long-spout can

Brilliest Long Spout Plastic Watering Can

Our favorite long-spout can
This watering can’s extra-long spout is precise and steady, so hanging plants and other tricky fronds are easy to reach. And it’s very reasonably priced.
We recommend
Haws Mini Watering Can (Fazely Flow One Pint), small but mighty

Haws Mini Watering Can (Fazely Flow One Pint)

Small but mighty
The highest-scoring can in our testing—from a 130-year-old English company—is also the smallest and most expensive. But it’s well made and a delight to use (though it can sometimes be a little hard to find).
We recommend
Qilebi Watering Can, versatile and cheap

Qilebi Watering Can

Versatile and cheap
This can comes with a removable rose accessory, which gives you more watering options, and it holds a half-gallon of water. It’s useful for houseplants and small outdoor gardens.
We recommend
SJENERT Elephant Watering Can, a cute pick for kids

SJENERT Elephant Watering Can

A cute pick for kids
Our favorite can for kids isn’t perfect, but it’s cheerful and cheap, and it comes in five colors. It’s also readily available from various retailers.
We recommend
Hay Watering Can, to water tons of houseplants

Hay Watering Can

To water tons of houseplants
This can holds more water than any other indoor option on our list, and the narrow spout helps control water flow. The Hay looks elegant (though large) on a shelf, and it costs less than $30.
We recommend

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