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The Best Wireless HDMI Video Transmitter

Updated Dec 10, 2022
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Sometimes it’s not convenient, or even feasible, to run an HDMI video cable between your video player and your TV or projector. A wireless HDMI video transmitter solves that problem, allowing you to send an AV signal wirelessly across the room or through walls to another location. A good wired setup will always be more reliable, but if you need wireless transmission, we recommend the Nyrius Aries Home+ because it performs well and has more features than the competition.

Nyrius Aries Home+, best for sending av signals around the home

Nyrius Aries Home+

Best for sending AV signals around the home
This system reliably sends 1080p HDMI video and 7.1-channel audio wirelessly, through walls, up to 100 feet away, and is loaded with helpful features. But it costs a bit more.
We recommend
J-Tech WEX200V3, a reliable alternative with fewer features

J-Tech WEX200V3

A reliable alternative with fewer features
The WEX200V3 is a reliable performer, and you can change the wireless channel as necessary to improve performance. But it passes only stereo audio and isn’t as user-friendly.
Another good choice
Monoprice Blackbird Pro 16049, a good in-room 4k option

Monoprice Blackbird Pro 16049

A good in-room 4K option
The Blackbird Pro offers an affordable way to wirelessly transmit a clean 4K signal across a room, but the technology doesn’t work through walls or other obstructions.
Budget friendly

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