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The Best Period Underwear

Updated Dec 12, 2022
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Reliable and comfortable period underwear (which is specifically designed to absorb menstrual fluid) can improve your period experience. And many styles are now as chic as they are effective. However, some menstrual-underwear styles are gorgeous but leaky, and others have Hoover Dam–level security but diaper-like silhouettes. The style that will be best for you depends on your period flow and preferences. Over four years, we’ve tried more than 40 styles of period underwear in a variety of sizes and cuts from 20 brands, and we now recommend eight styles from seven brands.

Thinx Hi-Waist, sleek yet dependable

Thinx Hi-Waist

Sleek yet dependable
This high-waisted period panty is flattering, forgiving, and nearly foolproof.
We recommend
Aisle Boost Boxer, ultra-comfortable, with an option to boost absorbency

Aisle Boost Boxer

Ultra-comfortable, with an option to boost absorbency
These boxer briefs are worth the splurge: They’re the best of all the shorts styles we’ve tried.
We recommend
Bambody High Waist Panty, a basic option for stocking up

Bambody High Waist Panty

A basic option for stocking up
This no-frills period underwear costs a fraction of the price of most of our picks, but it is just as effective.
We recommend
Dear Kate Ada Full Brief, feels like regular underwear

Dear Kate Ada Full Brief

Feels like regular underwear
Dear Kate underwear’s lack of a plasticky waterproof gusset lining (unique to this pair) makes them feel super-soft but also less secure.
We recommend
Modibodi Sensual 24-Hour Hi-Waist Bikini, ultra-absorbent for heavier flows

Modibodi Sensual 24-Hour Hi-Waist Bikini

Ultra-absorbent for heavier flows
With a bulky yet effective merino-wool-based lining, this panty lives up to its astonishing promise of preventing leaks for up to 24 hours.
We recommend
Trendix Hooked On You , easier on and off

Trendix Hooked On You

Easier on and off
This adaptive panty is the best-fitting and most secure side-opening option we’ve found. It’s ideal for people who find it difficult or prefer not to pull their underwear up and down.
We recommend
Goat Union Overnight Briefs, a lower-cost thinx alternative

Goat Union Overnight Briefs

A lower-cost Thinx alternative
These streamlined high-waisted briefs are a budget-friendly option for day or night (the “overnight” in the name refers to this pair’s claimed absorbency rating).
We recommend
Goat Union Overnight Shorts, somewhat bulky, great for sleeping

Goat Union Overnight Shorts

Somewhat bulky, great for sleeping
These shorts are bulkier than most, but they’re also highly absorptive and look like traditional black bike shorts.
We recommend

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