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The Best Adjustable Pliers

Updated Dec 10, 2022
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The most useful all-around gripping tool to have in the home toolbox is a pair of adjustable pliers. Because of their large jaw capacity—more than 2 inches for a pair of 10-inch pliers—adjustable pliers (a.k.a. water pump pliers or Channellocks, a trademarked name) are excellent for a wide range of uses like tightening the under-sink plumbing, installing a new toilet, or adjusting your garage doors.

Irwin GV10 10-inch GrooveLock Pliers, easily adjustable & affordable

Irwin GV10 10-inch GrooveLock Pliers

Easily adjustable & affordable
The 10-inch Irwin Groovelocks have a lifetime warranty, an incredibly easy push-button locking system, and comfortable handles.
We recommend
Knipex 8702250 10-Inch Cobra Pliers - Comfort Grip, elite pliers

Knipex 8702250 10-Inch Cobra Pliers - Comfort Grip

Elite pliers
The Knipex Cobra's self-locking feature is flawless and it has 25 different size options.
Another good choice

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