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The Best Backup Camera and Displays

Updated Dec 11, 2022
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After spending dozens of hours researching about 80 backup cameras and displays, and then wiring and testing eight cameras and seven displays head to head, we recommend the Accele RVCLPMBS backup camera as the best value for most drivers. And if your car doesn’t have an in-dash display to connect the camera to, we’d pair it with either the Esky ES-15 4.3-inch on-dash display or, for a less cluttered dashboard, the Auto-vox T1400 rearview mirror with integrated display.

Accele RVCLPMBS, the best backup camera


The best backup camera
The Accele camera easily mounts over your license plate and produces a nice image in every type of lighting, with good color reproduction and contrast.
We recommend
Pyle PLCM38FRV, a decent camera on a budget


A decent camera on a budget
This camera was adequate in our testing, but it avoids the worst flaws of pricier models—and it’s inexpensive, to boot.
Another good choice
Look-It Wireless Rear Vision System, for an easier installation

Look-It Wireless Rear Vision System

For an easier installation
This truly wireless system uses battery power and your smartphone as its display, but it’s pricier than our other picks and doesn’t turn on automatically.
Another good choice
Esky ES-15, the best dash display

Esky ES-15

The best dash display
Despite its lower resolution, the Esky display looked better than any other on-dash monitor we tried. It has a wide viewing angle with minimal glare, and it tilts to adjust for multiple drivers.
We recommend
Auto-vox T1400, the best rearview-mirror display

Auto-vox T1400

The best rearview-mirror display
This replacement rearview mirror has an integrated display for a clean look and an uncluttered dash. But it’s more expensive, and bright sunlight can create a lot of glare on the mirrored surface.
Another good choice

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