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The Best Bike Handlebar Bag

Updated Dec 11, 2022
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A bike handlebar bag is simple. It’s a fanny pack for your bike, built with consideration for all of your bike-specific needs, like being able to open it while you’re riding, or having access to a subway card or a key. While a good one can’t change your life, it can save you from showing up with a sweaty back after pedaling across town to the office, the party, or the office party. And maybe showing up less sweaty to that party will change your life. After spending almost 20 hours interviewing cycling professionals and researching handlebar bags on the internet, we picked 14 bags, put them on our bikes, and started riding. And now we’re sure that the Road Runner Bags California Burrito is the best choice for anyone looking to change their ride.

Road Runner Bags California Burrito , our favorite handlebar bag

Road Runner Bags California Burrito

Our favorite handlebar bag
Spacious without taking up too much real estate on your handlebars, this Cordura-nylon bag is simple, easy to use, and capable of holding all the essentials.
We recommend
Chrome Helix Handlebar Bag, nearly as good

Chrome Helix Handlebar Bag

Nearly as good
Sleek, low profile, and more water resistant than our top pick, this polyurethane-coated polyester handlebar bag is just the right size to go with you all day long. Its handlebar mounting system could be better, though.
Budget friendly
Swift Industries Catalyst Pack, almost a messenger bag

Swift Industries Catalyst Pack

Almost a messenger bag
Built with recycled laminate nylon sailcloth material, the Catalyst is a high-capacity and solidly constructed bag that works just as well on and off a bike.
A better upgrade
Ortlieb Ultimate Six Urban, a fully waterproof bag

Ortlieb Ultimate Six Urban

A fully waterproof bag
This high-tech quick-release mounted bag is made of a fully waterproof, polyurethane-coated Cordura nylon and offers easy access on a bike.
Another good choice
Rapha Bar Bag, a tiny bag

Rapha Bar Bag

A tiny bag
This small, solidly built polyurethane-coated polyester bag can keep you light while carrying the essentials.
Another good choice

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