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The Best Bluetooth Kits for Every Car Stereo

Updated Dec 10, 2022
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If you want to stream music or listen to phone conversations through your car’s speakers, but your vehicle didn’t come with Bluetooth, an add-on Bluetooth kit is an inexpensive and effective solution. After testing dozens of models, we think the Besign BK01 Bluetooth Car Kit—which plugs into a car’s auxiliary-audio input (aux-in) jack—offers the best combination of sound quality, phone usability, and features. Below, we also include picks for vehicles that don’t have an aux-in jack, or for people who primarily use their phones for calls, rather than for music.

Besign BK01 Bluetooth Car Kit, best bluetooth adapter for cars with an aux-in jack

Besign BK01 Bluetooth Car Kit

Best Bluetooth adapter for cars with an aux-in jack
The Besign BK01 offers great sound quality for music and good sound quality for phone calls. It also lets you pair two phones and access your voice assistant with the click of an easy-to-find button.
We recommend
GOgroove FlexSmart X2, best fm bluetooth transmitter

GOgroove FlexSmart X2

Best FM Bluetooth transmitter
Although it works for voice calls, this FM transmitter is best suited to music streaming. You can see which station you’re tuned to and easily find a new one.
Another good choice
Avantree CK11 Wireless Handsfree Visor Car Kit, best bluetooth speakerphone

Avantree CK11 Wireless Handsfree Visor Car Kit

Best Bluetooth speakerphone
The Avantree CK11 offers the crispest, clearest phone quality at an affordable price, with one-button access to the voice-control features on your phone.
Another good choice

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