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The Best Co-Sleepers and Bassinets

Updated Dec 17, 2022
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Few things are more important to a new parent than their baby’s sleep, and the American Academy of Pediatrics says the best place for that is in a safety-certified crib, play yard, bassinet, or bedside sleeper in the parents’ own room. After making it through eight weeks of nights and nap times, and a lot of times when no one was sleeping at all, we think the Arm’s Reach Concepts Clear-Vue Co-Sleeper is the most convenient choice for parents who want to sleep with their baby right next to their bed. As for the $1,300 Snoo, we found that the ultra-pricey motorized bassinet won’t make every infant “The Happiest Baby on the Block,” but our testers had generally positive experiences with it.

Arm’s Reach Concepts Clear-Vue Co-Sleeper, the best co-sleeper

Arm’s Reach Concepts Clear-Vue Co-Sleeper

The best co-sleeper
This bassinet-like bedside sleeper is easier to adjust and to move than similar models that cost twice as much or more.
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