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The Best Combination Square

Updated Dec 10, 2022
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If you’re planning on doing any carpentry–successfully–you’ll need a way to mark a straight line. After researching at least 20 combination squares and testing six during the final phase of a whole-house remodeling project, we’re convinced that the best option for most people is the Irwin 1794469 12-inch Combination Square (about $11). You can find pro versions of this all-purpose marking tool that cost hundreds of bucks, but the Irwin model is a solid alternative that works well for a fraction of the price.

Irwin 1794469 12-inch Combination Square,

Irwin 1794469 12-inch Combination Square

A combo square is a great all-purpose marking tool—and the Irwin has a better build quality than other, more expensive rivals we tested.
We recommend
Swanson 12-inch Combo Square,

Swanson 12-inch Combo Square

The Swanson will get the job done for a few dollars less, but it lacks the excellent fit and finish of our main pick, the Irwin.
Another good choice

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