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The Best Compact Mechanical Keyboards

Updated Dec 12, 2022
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If you spend most of your day typing, you shouldn’t be stuck with the mushy keyboard on your laptop or a cheap, uncomfortable desktop keyboard. Mechanical keyboards allow you to customize their looks with different keycaps and get the typing feel you prefer by choosing different switches under the keys. And compact keyboards—which nearly match the size and layout of a laptop keyboard—take up less space on your desk. Of the dozens of keyboards we’ve tested, the 75% Epomaker TH80 and the 65% Epomaker TH66 are the best compact mechanical keyboards for most people’s needs.

Epomaker TH80, the best 75% keyboard

Epomaker TH80

The best 75% keyboard
The Epomaker TH80 provides the best typing experience and the most extra features—RGB, hot-swap, wireless, a knob, and programmability—for a surprisingly reasonable price.
We recommend
Epomaker TH66, the best 65%/68% keyboard

Epomaker TH66

The best 65%/68% keyboard
The Epomaker TH66 offers all the quality and features of the TH80 in a slightly more compact layout that lacks the top row of function keys.
We recommend
Keychron V1, another great 75% keyboard

Keychron V1

Another great 75% keyboard
The V1 feels nearly as good to type on as the TH80, and it has most of the same features. But the V1 lacks wireless, and the knob costs extra.
Another good choice
Keychron V2, another great 65% keyboard

Keychron V2

Another great 65% keyboard
The V2 is virtually identical to the V1, but its 65% layout lacks the top row of function keys.
Another good choice
Keychron Q1 Version 2, a fancy 75% keyboard

Keychron Q1 Version 2

A fancy 75% keyboard
The Keychron Q1 Version 2 has a heavy-duty aluminum case and feels great to type on. But you can’t adjust the height, and it lacks a wireless connection.
A better upgrade
Keychron Q2, a fancy 65% keyboard

Keychron Q2

A fancy 65% keyboard
The Q2 is similar to the Q1 Version 2 but has a 65% layout that does without the top row of function keys.
A better upgrade
Keychron K6, a starter keyboard

Keychron K6

A starter keyboard
The 65% Keychron K6 feels better to type on than any other cheap mechanical keyboard, though its keycaps and case don’t look or feel as nice to type on as our top picks’.
Budget friendly

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