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The Best Compression Socks

Updated Dec 11, 2022
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To find the best compression socks, we consulted folks who wear them for all types of situations: during pregnancy, while working on their feet, for running, after working out, when traveling, and just because. After considering dozens of socks, we’ve tested 18 pairs since 2017, and we found six that are comfortably snug (yet still easy to put on), maintain their elasticity following multiple washes, and come in ample sizes and colors. Some are downright stylish, to boot.

Sockwell Men’s Lifestyle Firm Compression Socks, our favorite merino wool socks

Sockwell Men’s Lifestyle Firm Compression Socks

Our favorite merino wool socks
Sockwell socks lie at the perfect intersection of function and price. And they’re a merino wool blend, which is typical of more-expensive options.
We recommend
Sockwell Women’s Lifestyle Firm Compression Socks, our favorite merino wool socks

Sockwell Women’s Lifestyle Firm Compression Socks

Our favorite merino wool socks
This is the exact same sock, but in women’s sizes.
We recommend
Go2Socks Compression Socks, a rugged budget choice

Go2Socks Compression Socks

A rugged budget choice
The best pair of cheap socks we found, these have a proper calf height. And they still looked brand new after multiple trips through the washer and dryer.
We recommend
Comrad Knee-High Compression Socks, modern-looking, surprisingly washable socks

Comrad Knee-High Compression Socks

Modern-looking, surprisingly washable socks
We washed these almost a dozen times and saw very little wear and tear, and the styling is a crowd favorite.
We recommend
Dr. Segal’s Energy Compression Socks, comfy socks for all-day wear

Dr. Segal’s Energy Compression Socks

Comfy socks for all-day wear
Easy to get on and to wear, this pair of cotton-blend socks has a silky feel and noticeable next-to-skin comfort.
We recommend
Lily Trotters Signature Compression Socks, high-quality fit and feel

Lily Trotters Signature Compression Socks

High-quality fit and feel
Made of a smooth, medium-weight fabric that’s easy to adjust, these socks are a major upgrade from less-expensive synthetic socks.
We recommend
Vim & Vigr Compression Socks, a highly customizable option

Vim & Vigr Compression Socks

A highly customizable option
These socks have one of the largest size ranges, the most compression-level options, and a multitude of fabric choices. And they come in more colors and patterns than any other socks on this list.
We recommend

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