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The Best Dash Cam

Updated Dec 10, 2022
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Wham! A car crash can happen in an instant. And as frightening as that may be, it can be just as distressing to be blamed for a crash that’s not your fault. That’s why a dash cam can be a critical aid if the unexpected happens. After researching more than 360 models and testing 52, we’ve found that the best overall dash cam is the Vantrue N4. It delivers the sharpest video we’ve seen, it’s the easiest dash cam to use, and it has handy features that you don’t get from most other dash cams in its price range.

Vantrue N4 , the best dash cam

Vantrue N4

The best dash cam
This dash cam delivers crisp, super-high-resolution footage day or night. It also has key features such as 24-hour parked-car monitoring and GPS tracking despite costing half as much as some other contenders.
We recommend
Nextbase 622GW, pricier, but packed with features

Nextbase 622GW

Pricier, but packed with features
This dash cam has all the bells and whistles of our top pick (4K resolution, night vision, 24-hour parked-car monitoring, GPS tracking) and adds Bluetooth and app connectivity, built-in Alexa support, and emergency calling. Plus, its capacitor power supply allows it to operate in temperatures as low as -22 degrees Fahrenheit, so it’s your best bet for extremely cold climates.
A better upgrade
Garmin Dash Cam Mini 2, if you want a dash cam that people won’t notice

Garmin Dash Cam Mini 2

If you want a dash cam that people won’t notice
Garmin’s Mini 2 is one of the smallest and most discreet models we’ve tested, but its lack of a display means you have to use Garmin’s smartphone app to view video and adjust settings. Its lone camera faces the front of the vehicle and has 1080p resolution.
Another good choice
Vantrue N1 Pro , the best dash cam under $100

Vantrue N1 Pro

The best dash cam under $100
Vantrue’s N1 Pro has a single, front-facing, 1080p-resolution camera. It costs much less than our other picks, yet it has key features like night vision and 24-hour parked-car monitoring, a bright display, and a well-designed mounting system.
Budget friendly

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