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The Best Floor Lamps

Updated Dec 10, 2022
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A great floor lamp can transform the dimmest corner of a room into the most inviting space to read, relax, or work in—an illuminating punctuation mark of a room’s decor. Over the past few years, we dedicated more than 60 hours to researching hundreds of floor lamps under $300, narrowing down the options to 28 models and then assembling, inspecting, and pelting them with basketballs to simulate the inevitable accidents that happen at home. While we recognize style is subjective, we’re confident our picks—for task, console, tripod, tree, arc, and rod lamp—will complement a wide variety of interior spaces.

IKEA Ranarp, best task lamp

IKEA Ranarp

Best task lamp
The Ranarp is the most versatile and affordable lamp we found. The cantilevered adjustable-length arm points the light just where you need it, and the matte finish reduces glare.
We recommend
Adesso Oslo 60" Floor Lamp, best console lamp

Adesso Oslo 60" Floor Lamp

Best console lamp
This surprisingly sturdy console lamp offers nice ambient light. It looks similar to lamps that cost 10 times as much, and the tulip-style base should appeal to fans of mid-century design.
We recommend
Lepower Wood Tripod Floor Lamp, best tripod lamp

Lepower Wood Tripod Floor Lamp

Best tripod lamp
A solid, three-legged lamp made with dense rubberwood that can take a nudge but will hardly budge. The Lepower adapts to many decor styles, and its large footprint makes it best suited for spacious rooms.
We recommend
CB2 Trio Floor Lamp, best tree lamp

CB2 Trio Floor Lamp

Best tree lamp
Sleek and tall, this three-light tree lamp doesn’t require a lot of space but adds both ambient and task illumination, and its brushed brass offers a little glimmer of glamour. A heavy weighted base allays any concerns of accidental tip-overs.
We recommend
Basque Arc Floor Lamp, best arc lamp

Basque Arc Floor Lamp

Best arc lamp
If you want drama—and you have the space—we love this arc lamp. It’s less prone to tipping than other moderately priced arc lamps, and it provides a nice light for reading.
We recommend
Adesso Felix LED Wall Washer, best rod lamp

Adesso Felix LED Wall Washer

Best rod lamp
If you have a dark corner where other lamps offer insufficient illumination or simply don’t fit, we recommend the Adesso Felix for its lightsaber-thin design and powerful, mood-setting glow.
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