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The Best French Press

Updated Dec 11, 2022
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If you want to make a flavorful, full-bodied cup of coffee at home, and you don’t want to spend a lot of money on gear, a French press is a great option. This brewing method is quick and consistent, and a French press doesn’t hog counter space (like a drip machine) or require a perfect pouring technique. After testing 15 presses and making more than 75 pots of coffee over the years, we think the Espro P3 is the best French press. This elegant-looking press is easy to use and relatively simple to clean. And thanks to its unique double filter, the P3 makes richer, more flavorful coffee with less residue than its competitors.

Espro P3 French Press, the best french press

Espro P3 French Press

The best French press
The Espro P3’s innovative filter consistently brews bright, grit-free coffee.
We recommend
Bodum Chambord, a solid french press

Bodum Chambord

A solid French press
The press popularized by Jørgen Bodum in the ’70s produces a consistent pour for the price, and we love its classic lines.
Another good choice
Bodum Caffettiera, bang for your buck with style to boot

Bodum Caffettiera

Bang for your buck with style to boot
The Caffettiera has the same classic lines as the Chambord, but with plastic features. It also comes in shades like Pistachio and Strawberry.
Budget friendly
Espro P6 French Press, a top-of-the-line french press

Espro P6 French Press

A top-of-the-line French press
The P6 offers the same superior filtration as the other Espro models, plus better heat retention thanks to a double-walled carafe (which comes in brushed stainless steel or matte black).
A better upgrade

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