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The Best In-Wall Smart Outlet

Updated Dec 11, 2022
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Convenience doesn’t always have to come with clutter. An in-wall smart outlet looks and works like an ordinary electrical outlet, yet it can also give you the power to automate any appliance or device you plug into it (just like a smart plug, but without taking up so much space). And you can control it with an app or a smart speaker. Some in-wall smart outlets also have USB ports for charging portables (like tablets and smartphones) or even directly powering devices (such as indoor security cameras). We like the Geeni Current+Charge because it offers all of those features at an affordable price, and it has an easy-to-use app. (Unlike some models, however, it doesn’t allow you to monitor how much electricity you’re using.) In-wall smart outlets are relatively easy to install, but they do require you to turn off the power and handle some wiring. So if you don’t feel comfortable doing that, consider hiring a professional.

Geeni Current+Charge, the best in-wall smart outlet

Geeni Current+Charge

The best in-wall smart outlet
This inexpensive model has two receptacles that can be controlled individually, two USB ports that can be controlled together, and smartphone notifications (if you have connection issues).
We recommend
Top Greener In-Wall Smart Wi-Fi USB Charging Outlet (TGWF215U2A), a model to track energy use

Top Greener In-Wall Smart Wi-Fi USB Charging Outlet (TGWF215U2A)

A model to track energy use
The Top Greener is a bit more expensive than the Geeni model, and it has only one controllable receptacle. However, it adds in energy monitoring and additional smart-home support.
Another good choice

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