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The Best Cloth, KN95, and Surgical-Style Masks for Kids and Toddlers

Updated Dec 12, 2022
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Kids are superheroes for enduring the COVID-19 pandemic, and they have the gear to prove it. Masks remain important in doctors’ offices, in some schools and daycares, and—depending on where you live and other factors—in many other situations. Over the past year and a half, we’ve looked at more than 100 cloth and disposable masks for kids, pored over scientific studies, talked with health experts and researchers, assessed filtration efficiency in independent lab tests, and tested finalists with a panel of 10 kids, ages 2 to 11.

Enro Tech Kids Face Mask, outstanding filtration and fit

Enro Tech Kids Face Mask

Outstanding filtration and fit
This machine-washable mask is lightweight and breathable, and it includes an incorporated filter. It was among the best performers in our independent lab test.
We recommend
Happy Masks Pro, robust filtration (but must be hand-washed)

Happy Masks Pro

Robust filtration (but must be hand-washed)
This mask has five layers, including a three-ply filter, but it still feels breathable and lightweight. In our independent lab test, it was among the best performers. But it needs to be hand-washed.
We recommend
WellBefore Kids KN95, an adjustable kids kn95 mask

WellBefore Kids KN95

An adjustable kids KN95 mask
This disposable KN95 mask is one of the few available with adjustable ear loops, a helpful feature for achieving a close, comfortable fit.
We recommend
Children's Sized Powecom KN95, a cheaper, less adjustable kids kn95 mask

Children's Sized Powecom KN95

A cheaper, less adjustable kids KN95 mask
Though this mask lacks adjustable ear loops, it is one of the cheapest KN95s available.
We recommend
Harley Children’s HL001, a cheaper, 3d-style kids kn95 mask

Harley Children’s HL001

A cheaper, 3D-style kids KN95 mask
This disposable KN95 mask offers excellent cheek-to-cheek and nose-to-chin coverage. Though it lacks adjustable ear loops, it’s the cheapest KN95 we found.
We recommend
WellBefore Kids surgical-style mask, an adjustable kids surgical-style mask

WellBefore Kids surgical-style mask

An adjustable kids surgical-style mask
This surgical-style mask is one of the few we’ve tried that has adjustable ear loops, which helped it fit closely on a range of children’s faces.
We recommend

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