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Updated Dec 10, 2022
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Higher-end LCD TVs offer better brightness, color, and contrast than their budget-oriented siblings, and the best ones can almost match OLED TVs in pedigree—at a more tolerable price. The Hisense U8H Series is a prime example. This TV offers 4K HDR picture quality that’s equal in brightness and color vivacity to that of TVs twice the price, as well as an intuitive Google TV streaming experience. The U8H is ideal for buyers aiming to split the difference between entry-level and ultra-premium without sacrificing performance or functionality.

Hisense U8H Series, the best 4k lcd tv for the money

Hisense U8H Series

The best 4K LCD TV for the money
The Hisense U8H matches the excellent brightness and color performance of much pricier LCD TVs, and its Google TV smart platform is a welcome addition. But it’s available in only three screen sizes.
We recommend
Samsung QN90B Series, a step up in picture quality

Samsung QN90B Series

A step up in picture quality
The Samsung QN90B offers a cleaner, more refined picture than our top pick, as well as wider viewing angles in a larger range of screen sizes.
A better upgrade
Vizio M-Series Quantum X, a bright, 120 hz tv for less money

Vizio M-Series Quantum X

A bright, 120 Hz TV for less money
The Vizio M-Series Quantum X keeps its price tag low by ditching the more robust mini-LED backlighting systems used in our top picks, but it still delivers solid picture quality—especially for gamers. However, it comes in only three screen sizes.
Budget friendly

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