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The Best Mop-Vacuum Combo Is the Bissell CrossWave

Updated Dec 11, 2022
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Vacuum-mop combos, wet-dry vacuums—whatever you call them, we’ve found in our testing that these machines can wash the filthiest bare floors much faster than any other cleaning tools. It is possible that you might be better off with a different type of product. But if you think the sheer speed of a vac-mop combo is your best option, consider the plug-in version of the Bissell CrossWave first.

Bissell CrossWave, speedy, all-in-one cleaning

Bissell CrossWave

Speedy, all-in-one cleaning
The classic CrossWave gets floors near-spotless more quickly than any other floor-care tool. It sucks up solid debris, slurps up spills, and wipes away stains, all at the same time. This CrossWave is a plug-in model, so it’s stronger and should be more durable than the myriad cordless vac-mop combos out there. Fair warning: Regular maintenance is essential.
We recommend
Bissell CrossWave Pet Pro, speedy, slightly better with hair

Bissell CrossWave Pet Pro

Speedy, slightly better with hair
The Pet Pro is essentially the same machine as the standard CrossWave. But this model has pet-centric brushes and detergent, plus a strainer (which makes disposing of the inevitable gobs of wet hair in the dirty-water tank slightly less gross).
We recommend
Tineco iFloor3, cordless convenience, less well-rounded

Tineco iFloor3

Cordless convenience, less well-rounded
The Tineco iFloor3 has no cord, so mopping and vacuuming floors is even easier than with the classic Bissell CrossWave. But it’s not quite as strong at cleaning and probably isn’t as durable. And the iFloor3 lacks some versatility—it can’t dry-vacuum, nor can it really suck up wet messes from rugs.
Another good choice

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