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The Best Online Fax Services

Updated Dec 17, 2022
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Like DVD players, landline telephones, and pay phones, fax machines are an ancient technology but are not yet obsolete, thanks in large part to the medical field and other regulated industries that are keeping them alive. These days, though, fax machines have largely gone digital: You can send or receive faxes from your computer or phone in a process that’s much like sending an email. After testing seven online fax services—faxing ourselves more than 40 times and sending and receiving over 200 pages in total—we recommend HelloFax for occasionally sending a free or inexpensive fax. It’s easy to use and reliable, and it offers convenient features, such as fax signing and faxing files from an online storage service like Dropbox or Google Drive.

HelloFax, best free or inexpensive faxing for occasional use


Best free or inexpensive faxing for occasional use
With HelloFax, you can send high-quality faxes for free or for a low flat rate. There’s no monthly subscription required, unless you also want to receive faxes.
We recommend
SRFax, secure, business-friendly faxing for monthly use


Secure, business-friendly faxing for monthly use
SRFax meets high-security legal requirements, such as HIPAA, and offers robust features at low subscription rates.
Another good choice

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